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We are a small team that solves big issues for huge ships

Where others might see a problem, I see a personal challenge.

Every day we scour the world looking for the best products for our clients, and I think this is the most fantastic job I could ever imagine doing
Reacting quickly to your problems is my top priority because every delay means a hungry crew. Working with unique and at times tricky requests only energizes me to rise to the challenge.

We are hugely experienced in solving whatever problems come our way and no task is too big or too small for us
Each new request is an interesting journey and a unique opportunity to communicate with incredible people from an amazing variety of countries across the globe.

Finding common ground with different cultures inspires me the most
Our results are measured by the width of captains' and crews' smiles.

I love it when clients ask for something so special that we need to turn the world upside down to make them happy

Where we supply

We are responsible for what you get.
That is why we double-check every delivery and instantly issue a refund if anything goes wrong
We put more value on our reputation than on money.
If we make a mistake, we will fix everything at our expense
We appreciate your feedback.
We are easy-going and like to communicate with clients, we are always looking for the best way to meet your needs
We work as one-stop-shop.
We can fulfil all your requests during your port visit
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What can we do for you?

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They gonna eat me!
need your help ASAP

One long story, we had one nervous captain, and many hungry crew members ready to start a real riot onboard. We decided to order pizza for the crew, so they could wait for the rest of the order feeling happy and full. All this is only 3 hours.

Despite finding the way to pay for the order with American or British credit cards in New Zealand (it was a real challenge), 16 pizzas including vegetarian options were delivered on time and the crew did not eat our brave captain :)
The most unusual order

One of our clients, a captain from Russia, asked us to find kefir (it is a type of Russian yogurt) during his long trip around the USA.

Our supplier checked all possible supermarkets but could not find anything. Suddenly he saw a local Russian store called "Kefir" — it was such a stroke of luck!

So our captain was the happiest person ever to taste his favourite drink reminding him of home.

We do not ask why. We just do!

The captain of the Chinese Research Institute ship asked us to supply 300 (!!!) kilograms of oranges in 3 days.

Why did he need so many oranges? What was he going to do with them? We did not ask but managed to deliver the sweetest oranges and make the crew smile.
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